Your corporate vision, whether we’re talking about a product, service or simply the business concept –is critical in order to motivate people to ‘Take Action’.

Communicating your vision effectively or “selling-your-vision” is not just about the end user – it also is important to those you work with, investors, shareholders and the likes.

An individual can only go so far alone but with a good team or Napoleon Hill referred to as “The mastermind” in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, people and organizations can reach unimaginable heights in their climb for success if they communicate their vision properly with one another.

Effective communication means that other people understand your organizational vision just like you do– and if you can achieve that, you’re already winning!

If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated because people simply can’t seem to “see what you see” – don’t worry – the following article will cover some of the hottest tips on the internet to sell your vision like a boss!

1 - Keeping it Simple (Stupid?)

As life is getting more and more complicated every day due to more ‘choices’ available to them, people tend to lean more towards simplicity. 

Simple never means dull, in fact, the more digestible your vision is, the easier it is to understand the core message. You want to keep it short and simple.

A good vision should be straightforward to not overwhelm the listener and allow teams or clients to fully grasp all the dimensions of your vision so that they can take effective action on your desired objective.

 Remember the 1970s KISS principle – Keep it Short and Simple.  

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

-Hans Hofmann

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2 - Turning your vision into a story

Human beings are either storytellers or story listeners; either way, we all love a good story. It is literally how we learn, and how we passed down information from one generation to the other throughout the years - it’s a vital part of who we are.

Storytelling is a highly effective method for selling your vision. After all, the story behind the vision is what sells it eventually.

A good story can invoke the emotional attachment needed to keep the clients engaged and paying attention in a world full of distractions.

Proper storytelling helps develop trust and facilitates selling your vision as long as the story doesn’t get convoluted – Remember KISS!

3 - Repeating the message until it sticks

Repetition is one of the necessary factors for building brand familiarity and it is used to reaffirm the vision of the product to the buyer.

Repeating something enough times in diverse and creative ways does wonders to the client’s internal decision making by becoming a familiar concept in their mind.

People like things they know.

Nevertheless, you should be careful not to overdo it and create something called ‘consumer fatigue’; Where potential clients become so tired of an Ad that they actively avoid whatever you’re selling.

Your goal should be to create familiarity within the mind of the consumer and then leveraging that. Think of it as a long-term strategic investment.

Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.

-Elizabeth Arden

4 - Making Audio-visual presentations 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a video does! 

In a time where capturing people’s attention became harder than ever, nothing beats a well-made video jumping from one cut to another to keep people’s attention from derailing and losing interest.

Most people live that fast life, it feels like nobody has the time anymore to sit down and listen/read your vision attentively.

It’s not even their fault, consumers have been conditioned that way by Social Media which offers instant gratification and a highly visual environment. Knowing how to effectively maintain people’s gaze on the content your sharing is imperative to selling your vision!

You probably noticed that most successful vloggers on Youtube and content creators on Tik-Tok use techniques like jumping from one scene or information to the other quickly so that you don’t lose interest and scroll away. 

The same techniques can be used in video presentations that help you show your vision clearly from multiple angles. This enables the viewer to be entertained while he or she is thinking about making a purchase.

It takes a static message and makes it become alive!

5 - Consistency with your vision

It is a known fact that consistency increases recognition, which in turn becomes trust and helps to sell your vision easily and effortlessly over time.

When it comes to sales performance, consistency separates the good from the great. Consistency, especially in the world of sales gives the prospect multiple opportunities to engage.

This is different than point 3, where we’re talking about repeating the core message within the presentation – in this we’re rather referring to consistency within delivery and action.

To let the Explainer video or Demo video reflect the nature of your organization. A potential buyer needs to be able to see a video on Youtube, go to a Facebook page and land on your home page – feeling like it’s the “same author” or “brand” speaking to them.

Consistency is about showing your vision through your actions. Doing rather than saying.

This separates the successful from the unsuccessful and the professionals from the amateurs. Consistency will change the course of the way you sell your vision to others! 

It is the consistency of the information that matters for a good story, not its completeness. Indeed you will often find that knowing little makes it easier to fit everything you know into a coherent pattern.

-Daniel Kahneman

The Big Conclusion

To sum it all up, it’s not just about having a vision, but it’s about the way you sell it! 

Turning your vision into an interesting story in an audio-visual format that is simple, yet entertaining enough to capture your customer’s attention is key for selling your vision.

By following the Piping Hot Tips we just served you, you’ll be able to reach more people, quicker and with more efficacy – and that’s a win for you!

If you’ve been thinking about making an explainer video or a demo video to help explain your vision to your customers, teams or investors – why not let us help you do it right!

Reach out to us Right Now and let us help sell your vision easily & effectively!