Project Summary

Steadynamic requested us to create a stunning logo animation to kick-off their rebrand. We transitioned the glitch-like animation into a dynamic techy look to represent their combination of a solid foundation of services and resources and ability to customize strategies for all their clients.

Simply adding any type of glitch will not accurately depict the dynamic side of your business. Glitch refers to malfunctions and instability. We will instead show a glitch-like feature that is literally more dynamic, more of a shape shifting animation, possibly scaling up and to the right. This portrays the transformation of your clients’ businesses resulting in great success.

About Steadynamic

Steadynamic is disrupting the traditional product and software development industry. They built a global network of top-tier product consultants, business leaders, solutions architects, and engineers. Their hybrid-shore approach offers the security and ease of working with local leaders, combined with the efficiency and expertise of the best global talent available. Their principles are rooted in transparency and objectivity. Their goal is to deliver amazing solutions to their clients, on time and on budget.