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How we win customers for you

Expert Creative Storytelling

Communicate your value with a story that emotionally-compels your perfect customers.

Strategic Animation & Videography

Organic, results-driven and authentic content builds trust. Made by production + marketing experts for a cohesive approach.

Social Media Marketing

Our strategies for SMM are like referrals on steroids. A crucial component to activate your growth with the assets we create for you.

2022 Showreel

Our founder

There is a Japanese concept called "ikigai" which translates to "reason for being." We create videos for change-makers, innovators and pioneers who make our world a better place. We tell your stories so they can be understood, heard and shared, and we are good at it. We do our part, one video at a time. Ikigai = achieved. Thank you to all who have trusted us to craft your perfect, world-changing message.
Keely O'Connor

Founder of Prosperitas


“Working with Prosperitas is a joy. We looked at our competitor’s video, which was great, but Prosperitas made ours better. Their goals of being altruistic and to work on projects that put some good into the world are reflected in their animations. We’ll be recommending Prosperitas to anyone in need of animation or creative work.”

Christian Gentry & Zack Gentry

Founders, HOOT! Educational Books

“This woman rocks! What an amazing human being – a rarity in this world, a true gem. as a social impact tech founder, I could not have been luckier to meet someone like Keely – her core humanistic values, work ethic, quality work product were impeccable and she has been a true pleasure to work with. I don’t want to consider her just a service provider of animated videos. I want to consider a friend for life. If you should be so lucky to work with her or know her as a friend, I’m sure you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about.”

Roza Ferdowsmakan

Founder, Bites | Eat With Your Tribe

"I hired Prosperitas for an animated logo that really set my company apart. They nailed it on the first draft. It was super cool and super professional and positioned my company the way I wanted it to look online. If you need help with animation or logo reveal, I highly recommend Prosperitas. Do it. Get Started. Don’t do it with anyone else!"

Mike Montague

Host - Playful Humans Podcast

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Reaven Drugan

Architect at Group

“Working with Prosperitas was an absolute pleasure! They were very professional, efficient, and timely. We talked through our vision and they were able to lay it out for us step by step along the way until it was just what we had envisioned!”

Ryan Fochtman

Marketing Manger, MoneyMade

"Keely is a connection you will love to work with! She brought life to my logo, animated it with her professional company. An incredible creative mind. Thank you for the great project. Looking forward to future partnership."

Manuel Faleschini

Founder: Byte Emotions


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